Saturday, 23 July 2011

Norway, Winehouse, Rehab

What an odd couple of days.

Norway - not the country you'd expect such a thing. So far it hints at this guy being a "neo-nazi" (why are they always neo?). Sad that any one thinks that is the way to change things for the better.

Amy Winehouse - how sad, another 27 year old gone, like Hendrix, Joplin, Morrison, Cobain.

I actually was in a rehab last night - well a detox unit, talking to the folks in there about AA and just saying really "give it a go once you get out". It worked for me and they need something to help them in the battle ahead.


  1. I admire you. I admire your journey. I admire the battle. I admire the fact that you are helping others. That is one of the best things you could ever do. Be proud of yourself. You deserve to be.

  2. thankyou for your post...I feel so so sad and think what a waste of such amazing talent...but really of such a young life.

    ...and also so many young lives in Norway.....

  3. Norway?????

    Ridiculous. America yes....Britain yes....The Middle east yes....

    Norway?????....Good grief.

    Over 80 kids dead. God almighty.


    She was dead back when she was 18...just took a while to get around to the inevitable.

    I'm sad but don't really care - given Norway....

  4. Yeah, it was a bad weekend, wasn't it? :(
    I'm not sure why people think that going in and killing is the way to go. Selfish, selfish!

    Very sad about Amy Winehouse. Somebody really needed to step in and get her right away from the business for a few years. Get clean, learn to live with it and then perhaps start again. Or, maybe do something different than perform. That lifestyle was one that obviously she couldn't handle.

    Good for you with the detox unit. That's great that you can help others that are struggling in a place that you yourself have been before. :)


  5. Initially The BBC - aka 'Commies of the world unite' - claimed he was a Christian Fundamentalist.

    Caz went APESHIT!!!!

    I suspect even the BBC realised they'd lost it a bit and then went back to neo-nazi and right wing fundamentalist...

    I watched this 'change' on Breakfast TV as the 'ticker tape' type thingy at the bottom of the screen changed.

    It was classic when - after Carol went apeshit over 'Christian Fundamentalist' within seconds it changed to 'right wing fundamentalist'.

    The BBC are really beyond the pale mate.

    I still haven't stoppped giggling at that business - whilst being shocked at the events of course...

    ...if not entirely surprised.

    Surprised it was Norway of all places....not surprised it happened.

    Surprised it was Norwegian kids killed but not surprised the right hadn't 'done something' sooner.

    This bloke is a nutter.

    The next may target immigrants.

    I will be amazed if there isn't a 'next'....very very releived I hasten to add...but amazed.