Friday, 15 July 2011

The British Open... at Sandwich

Yes... at Sandwich - i.e. where I work. This has led to a load more traffic!!! I thought at one point this morning I might see whether I could get something read out on national radio to get all the golf fans to pull over and let me through! To be honest it's not too bad except for a real pinch point where the M2 ends and everyone has to get off and go round a roundabout to get on the A2. Luckily my backroad route into work is off the preferred route and that hasn't been too bad - the only other hassle is the buzzing of helicopters over the office ever 2 mins ferrying the rich to and from the club. There is a lot about the money this brings into Kent - however most people seem to be just driving down from London for the day and going back.

I did hear a wonderfully funny story about the club... they still don't allow women in the clubhouse at Royal St George's... funny that it is called Royal since I presume the Queen can't go in there if she wanted to. Anyway I heard that in the planning for any emergency it was suggest any casualty that could be moved be taken to the clubhouse and paramedics could then go straight there to attend the injured... however one of the club reps pointed out female paramedics would be barred from entering! What a load of old...

Sadly I can't afford the helicopter option to beat the traffic which probably indicates that I'm not the guy who won the £160.6 million on the lottery. Difficult to have been since I don't buy tickets having long determined it to be a tax on my stupidity and when I did buy tickets I had the right hump all week when I didn't win until I bought the next ticket and the cycle of anticipation and crushing defeat followed again. So best I don't bother as I'm never likely to win.

But it has been an interesting exercise thinking about the issues with having £160.6 million to spend, invest, waste etc.

Hmm... well give a load to help the horn of Africa... but I'd like to see a real permanent solution, if there is one, so I'd want a really good team on that one.

Possibly buy the papers from Murdoch so I could insist on unbiased, factual based reporting... they'd go out of business in a few days then as no-one seems to want that :-)

Set up a "free to use" 12 step multiaddiction rehab - anyone with a major addiction issue that the clinical lead I'd have to have involved deemed worthy of treatment would be able to stay a minimum of 4 weeks and as much as 16 weeks if necessary... that'll waste a few million.

Buy a recording studio - I could try to promote some new acts etc. Again a whole bunch of money will go there... although you never know that actually might make a profit!

Oh a guitar shop - a huge guitar shop.

My son talked about running a F1 team for one year just for the hell of it. Have to see who is up for purchase at the moment... Torro Rosso I think are and I'd like Dave Richards the Prodrive boss to run it - we could badge it as Aston Martin and run them in British Racing Green :-)

Holy Cow... I think I've just spent it all and I'd never have enough time in the day to do all of this anyway!!

Have a good weekend all


  1. Good for you for giving up the lottery tickets. I got into the habit at one point and very quickly thought..erm... Nah. I do have premium bonds which were bought for me when I was a baby and have only just found out that I hadn't updated the address etc, and that they would check through to see if I had won. Who knows, eh? I could be sitting on.... a couple of quid or something.

    Blimey, you are only up the road. If you see some mad loping red-haired hippy floating around looking a bit thoughtful in your travels, it could be me! Now there's a frightening thought for you ;-) Have a good weekend with the Furtheron Family x P

  2. If the sandwich was bacon I might give a monkey's....


  3. A guitar shop? You'd refuse to sell any!

  4. @liz - I think you may be right there :-)