Sunday, 3 July 2011

All that I have...

So I was very annoyed with myself over the Bank Rant etc. the other week... btw they have cocked some else up now! But this time I'm trying take it calmly.

It annoyed me that little things, or maybe they were big things I don't know but whatever they got in my head, disturbed my peace of mind and caused me to be focused on negative thoughts. I just remembered a quote I should have remembered in the middle of all this. I can't get peace of mind while I am giving out a piece of my mind.

Some good stuff is happening - my son has his new flat, his 21st is on the near horizon, my daughter has two holidays one with the school - oh sorry that is GCSE PE trip... to SPAIN!!! and the other with her best friend and her family.

There is some other good stuff floating around as well that I'll not share just yet. But I'm trying to focus on the open(ing) doors not the closed ones.

Also on a daily basis I'm working on my gratitude. I have so much, the family, my health, I'm well off relative to probably 90% of the worlds population, I live in a country that allows me loads of freedoms etc., all in all I'm in a really lucky and good place. I need to remember that when there is some little hiccup - let's be honest I'm not starving, freezing to death on the streets etc. etc.


  1. Very happy for you. I like that quote very much :-) P x

  2. Sounds like despite some minor annoyances, life is good! :)

    That's awesome. :)


  3. Hard to remember though isn't it? Makes me feel ungrateful now!