Friday, 29 July 2011


So the announcement that F1 will be "shared" with BSkyB and BBC next year is a massive blow for me. Anyone who follows this blog will know I like racing, F1 in particular. But now a quick trip to the BSkyB site tells me I have to fork out basically £40 a month or £50 if I want HD so I can watch F1 every other weekend (on average). Flipping heck - £600 a year! And to a company in the Murdoch News Corp empire - well enough in that I have to date in my stand against his dominance of the media steadfastly refused to deal with.

Now the dilemma - fork out the money and bite my lip about my reservations about how a company like News Corp operates or stand up for my beliefs and forgo watching one of my favourite sports.


  1. Hmmm... sounds like the F1 has turned into the FU.
    Tee Hee... did you like that one?


  2. English rugby sold out to them years ago!

  3. Just settle for Go-Karting mate...anyone who gives a dime to Murdoch deserves all the crap they get eh?