Sunday, 24 July 2011

Quiet Sunday morning

It is Sunday morning. Normally about now there is a queue for the bathroom, tv/radio/iPod blaring from more than one room, teenagers (well my son is 20 but you know...) lolling in the front room moaning about what the other is watching on TV - one wants Hollyoaks/Friends the other The Andrew Marr Show... but today. Mrs F is lying in the bath and I'm here on the computer in total peace... ahh... odd though this doesn't feel much like our house at all :-)

Daughter-of-Furtheron keeps texting with updates of the "educational" water sports trip to Spain. "Just going shopping now", "been sunbathing by the pool", "banana boat was a laugh" etc. apart from some kayaking and a 6km bike ride sounds a right old doss .... how much did I get stung for this in the name of education!!!

Son-of-Furtheron trekked off to North Wales yesterday to visit his girlfriend and have a few days to prepare her for her first ever visit to us in Kent - shame, she's a nice girl but after a few days with us she'll no doubt be a quivering wreck! He got to see Black Country Communion live last night - like his style hasn't seen the girl in a few weeks, straight off a 7 hour train journey to get to her and it is... "Er... Joe Bonamassa, Glen Hughes and a couple of mates are playing a gig we've got an hour to grab a sandwich and get there" :-) That's my boy!

Michael Schenker Group were supporting - I had a text to say he was on good form, which is good to hear another one who has nearly gone the same way as poor Amy and the others - the last interview I read he was back on the path and trying to trudge along - maybe sometime around Mr Hughes will do him some good. Glen has an autobiography due out which I must get and read, following him on Twitter and looking at his lyrics esp. off the Fused album he did with Tony Iommi I'm sure he's a man who can show me a bit more of the best path to tread.

A bit all over the place emotionally this weekend - something has happened that is a bit of a life changer - a good thing I just can't share about it here right now but that has got my head a bit in a boil, then the trip to the detox unit and it smacking me in the face how I was like 7 years ago and what I could be like now if just pick up the first drink so showing me to never be complacent and always vigilant to the addictive, obsessive nature in my head and my instant reaction to any annoying feeling - "get blasted so you obscure it and batter on through". And then it is odd not having at least one of the kids here - just really odd after 20 years of being a parent suddenly they are these adults and going off and all that... just really odd. Part of the journey and one I'll cope with - hopefully, for today at least, soberly.


  1. Glad to hear that your daughter is having fun.
    Your usual weekends sound much like mine.
    Can't wait to hear your life changing news! :)


  2. Well, we're all guessing now...

  3. Kids have fun....then they're kids.

    We pay but WTF?....Someone has too so we do...and we're bloody glad to eh?