Monday, 7 June 2010

Time was...

Time was when my son was this little boy, shorts, runny nose etc. Today I dropped him off for the start of his SAS assignment. Using that abbrevation on Facebook has already caused some consternation - Student Associate Scheme (I think :S). It is a government scheme to try to get science and maths graduates interested in teaching. So he is at a local grammar school for three weeks essentially as an trainee teacher. I think come the end of it he is supposed to take part of a lesson. However watching him walk off down the road smartly dressed - with a tie no less!!! -was an odd experience. Where the hell has time gone?

I'm into my last month at work now. Holly Cow what am I doing? Oh yes leaving a job that can stress me beyond belief and where I've become so stale even the hungriest scavenger would turn their noses up. I met a guy last week who did similar to me, pulled out of the big corporate world and bought a recording studio business. Now if only I had the guts to do something like that.

What else has been happening? Well I'm rehearsing for my gig next Sunday at the Libertine. I've just written some lyrics for a tune that has been hanging around a month or so, it started out called Lasagne Lady (inspired by Liz) but the lyrics for that just wouldn't come/work so suddenly it's become Golden Moment. I was wondering why that term and those lyrics came to me, well something a friend said yesterday at an AA convention I dropped in on and also some sad news we had of an old colleague of my wife's who sadly took their own life over the weekend. Too young and too sad all I can hope is that he is now at peace as he clearly craved. It is very sad when someone so young goes.


  1. I read the title and thought this was going to be a post about Wishbone Ash.
    All the best for your forthcoming gig.

  2. @Istvanski... I feel a Spotify moment coming on... if it's on there :-)

  3. Keep on working on the Lasagne Lady!

    How exciting for freedom and a fresh start to beckon.