Saturday, 26 June 2010

The last week

So the last week just gone - I was in London for three days on various courses with the outplacement consultancy. Some useful stuff especially on the Starting Your Own Business one. It isn't as though that is my must do thing but given it was there free to me I thought I'd go and found it useful.

Suddenly though it is only days until I leave work now. So the couple of days in the office this week did feel really odd - I'm only really now just helping out the guy who has joined the team in the UK so that he is as bedded in as possible and helping out with some advice to other parts of the organisation reorganising in a similar way to what we have already done and I'm seen as being the expert on the role definition so I am advising them on that. Two weeks today I'll not be working for the first time since 1981!

So looking forward next week is the last week as well. I actually have a couple of days the week after but this is now really counting the hours not the days any more.


  1. I left school in 1977 (I hope I get to Heaven), and have worked ever since; I think I've had enough now - time to move over. Let's see what's in the piggy bank and see if it's do-able.

  2. Enjoy your last week of paid employment ... for the time being!