Sunday, 13 June 2010

Libertine gig - 13 June

The gig was a great success. A small but enthusiastic crowd had gathered, no doubt world cup football and other summer Sunday activities taking some away.

I really enjoyed playing this set. I'd decided no more sitting down this time so I moved to standing up which helped my getting into the set and I think helps my singing and playing as well. Those that had heard me before at this venue said it was my most confident set.

Here are some photos.

Many thanks as ever to Toby Burton and Rock-Til-You-Drop for organising.


  1. LOVE IT!! You remind me somewhat of a younger James Taylor...

  2. Hi F-Ron, been layed flat with laryngitis and bronchitis, hence the dip out of view...

    Glad you had a good one, well done!