Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Searching for cars

There can be few more time consuming but ultimately pointless exercises devised in the assent of man to our modern industrialised pinnacle than trying to find a second hand car!

So criteria. Large family estate. Probably diesel, reasonable mileage, reasonable age.

Actually that's not strictly true. I currently drive a Pegueot 407 SW it's a 2 litre 136 HP SE ... I think. Funny I can probably give you a better specification of an F1 car than the one I drive. I do view cars very functionally. This is a company car that has just gone through its 3rd birthday and has 78000 miles on the clock. I like it. I like it a lot. It's been boringly reliable, comfortable, easy to drive, on a drive to / from Wales even loaded one way with a ridiculous amount of stuff my son seems to need around him it still normally hits 49 to 50 mpg, it's got a great CD player, cruise control, limiter (ideal in avg speed check areas), blah blah blah.

I've asked for a quote from the lease company to buy it off them. It'll be around £7,500. Looking in local garages I can find many with lower mileage but not as good spec or they are older. Same age and same or higher spec more expensive.

You know the obvious solution to this? Stop fannying about and buy the damn thing off the company and be done with it. At least then I won't have any period of either having a ridiculous 3 cars on the drive or only 1 and having to beg my wife to lend me her 207.


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