Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Instrument maintenance r us...

Maybe I should set up a business doing guitar maintenance? Probably not, no flipping money in that.

However I had a day working at home yesterday which offered me sometime to fix my son's Cry Baby wah wah... so if you have a floppy wah wah pedal here is the fix.

Symptom - pedal wouldn't sit in a "cocked" position it always slumped to the ground and was resting on the switch. This meant when you went to "jump on it" you had to move it backwards then down.

Ok so to fix this annoying little hassle...

There is a metal clamp that runs over the spindle on the treadle of the pedal. This needs to be tightened. If you are lucky as on this case the issue is with the fixing at the back of the pedal since that is more easily accessible. So flip the pedal over and remove the feet so that the bottom plate comes off. You should see now a small nut that is connected to the bolt that holds the "metal spring" in place. Get an appropriate spanner or whatever (I've luckily got a set of screwdriver like hexagonal drivers which are ideal) and tighten. You may need a pair of plier to hold the "bolt" steady. A quick few twists and viola instant fix. :-)

I also restrung my 12 string. I always put this task off but I don't know why as I did it in under 30 mins including a tweak on the truss rod in my always ongoing struggle to get the action as good as possible on it. It of course sounded instantly hugely better and once the strings settled a bit more intune with itself than it has for a while.


  1. Thank you. I'm always having trouble with my floppy wah wah.

  2. Blimey you're good. I can restring a guitar, but hate doing my 12" which has been an 11 string for over a year now.

    I'm desperate to upgrade the pickups in my LP. Luckily, there's a bloke just round the corner who does reasonably priced techy bits

  3. Urmm that should be 12 string not, ... (waddya mean you wish!)

  4. My son used to be in a band called Trippin' Over Wah. That's him on the right hand side of the stage.