Thursday, 17 June 2010

New song a coming...


I was noodling on the 12 string this morning whilst I had an hour or two to fill before heading out. The first idea sounded really cool! Then I realised that was because it was the intro to "Feel like making love" by Bad Company! Darn!

Anyroad after a little picking around a couple of chords struck the first lyric came and it was game on. In a little while I had a verse, chorus structure (still not sure on the last chord in the chorus though) and a bridge and a bunch of lyrics that'll need some finishing off but there we were with something worth working on. You know whenever I get the 12 string restrung and tuned I remember why guitarists fall in love with them.

I'm in London today - another session with my career transition consultant. Then I'm off to a workshop for new members of PRS. I have to say so far my experience with them has been good. They are having problems with registrations due to some computer backlog due to a new system... maybe I should offer to work for them :-) but given I joined this since it pretty much looked to be free until I actually (if ever) make money from the songs and already I've had a couple of offers for things out of them. I'll report back on my actual thoughts after the workshop later.

Career transition. So only three weeks to go and I'll be out of full time gainful employment. I'm flip flopping between "Great chance to a) have some time away from the madness of daily working life b) chance to change my life and do some completely new career c) Oh my God what am I doing! I must instantly apply for every job under the sun."

Talking of different careers. I have toyed with the notion of going into counselling in some way. Today I noticed an advert in the local paper and had a look at a set of courses run by a company in conjunction with the local NHS trust. So bottom line is that it is three years of training. Can I afford not to work for three years? Tricky. However it is part time on the courses so could I get a flexible part time job and do that? To be considered.

Alternatively. Music. Guitar teacher, instrument maintenance (i.e. set ups, restrings, adjustments, replacing bits like pickups etc.) paid gigs and possibly money from PRS revenue if I could get my songs being played by a bigger name artist than me (that's just about everyone then :-)).

To be pondered.


  1. Bet you'd be a good counselor, guitar teacher sounds good, although I'm sure you'd do well at all of those choices. I too have thought of counseling, part-time job and study seem do-able to me.I haven't been able to find much in the way of courses here tho'.

    Your veranda comment made me laugh a lot! It would be a very tight squeeze for a naked man, a little exposed too!

  2. Don't you hate that when you get a really cool tune going and it turns out to be another song? Haha

    That happens sometimes.

    Depending on what you do with it, sometimes you can costume it :)

    Oh I like the URL thingy down there, that's cool. People don't pay attention sometimes and end up spelling bad things like that with urls, license plates, etc.