Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Manic mornings

Anyone with kids knows the drill... you have a set method in the morning, a well oiled machine that allows everyone to get up eat breakfast, wash etc. and get to where they need to get to on time.

Ours pretty much involves me getting up at 6am making the tea, having my breakfast, going upstairs and Mrs F comes down after her 10 min snooze, I then have a bath and get out of the bathroom by 6:30 at which point my daughter is woken up. So I'm out the house by 6:45 latest normally. Daughter then leaves at precisely (and I do mean precisely) 7:24 for the bus stop. Mrs F then has an hour to complete her getting ready and doing washing up / washing / changing beds etc.

With our son now home and needing to get to the school he is working at which is unfortunately a bit of a trek right across the Medway towns we have a major upset in the works. Also he hasn't been used to getting up at 6:30 for years! He has a roll out of bed about 8:15 to get to a lecture at 9:00 philosophy. After the second morning on this regime he was asking me at what point it was feasible to take early retirement!

Oh the other funny is that one of the classes he has been assigned to help out with (described as a "lively bunch" by the head of science) is full of old classmates from junior school or members of the swimming team and therefore all know my daughter. Much Facebook banter last night and I think might have some comments directed his way today. :-)

Still it is only 3 weeks and given after this week where I've a visitor over from the USA for some hand over stuff things will be increasingly ramping downwards so I can give him a lift most mornings and get in to the office a bit later... to be honest getting in at 7:30 and working through is one of the bits of this job I'll not regret leaving.


  1. >> Daughter then leaves at precisely (and I do mean precisely) 7:24 for the bus stop<<

    Our bus used to stop at the curb at 7:03 most mornings -- which was the time the schedule said they'd be there. Sure, some days it was late or early a bit, but most days it came just then. My boys were the last to get on and I always wondered how the driver managed to be so "on time" the vast majoirity of days.

  2. I really, really don't like mornings. They interrupt my sleep.

  3. Can't wait or a lie in on weekends!!

  4. Aren't schedules GRAND ?

  5. i used to have to leave my house between 7:05 and 7:08 for the 13-minute drive to school in order to make it in time for first bell at 7:25, factoring in time to say hello to my friends and visiting my locker.