Tuesday, 18 May 2010


My tribute to the great and now very sadly late Ronnie James Dio.

Sadly one of the greatest vocalists has passed away from stomach cancer. Somewhat ironic as well - you'd have thought Ozzy would be the first of the great Sabbath singers to go given his abuse of his body wouldn't you.

I saw him twice live - first on the original tour in support of the Heaven & Hell album when Bill Ward was still in the band. Secondly only last year at Sonisphere and ironically having to choose between H&H or Coheed & Cambria my son and I decided to stay in the pouring rain and honour H&H as we thought we were bound to get other opportunities to see C&C but wondered how much longer H&H would tour. How prophetic those thoughts were.

Originally when he "joined" the Sabbath line up they considered a name change to avoid the Ozzy comparison - which is totally unfair as Dio is a completely different kind of vocalist. But the record company of the time insisted they stick with the moniker as they no doubt thought the established name would sell more. Funny that when they reformed they used a new name... no doubt partly as there is a dispute with Ozzy over the rights to the name now.

Also remember that he was the original vocalist with Rainbow and highly successful with his own outfit Dio for many years too.

RIP Mr Dio.

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