Saturday, 1 May 2010

Comparing factories

Go here to see a load of videos about PRS manufacturing



Interesting... note the volume at Fender and the speed of stuff, much in the traditional that Leo wanted - remember much of the Fender design like bolt on neck, scratchplate mounted electrics, flat body/neck angle etc. was all to speed manufacturing.

You have to say at first look PRS do seem to take more individual care over the instruments, probably reflected in their prices.


  1. Dude
    Awesome!!! In my next life I want to be a luthier. Really Really enjoyed that. If I could make just one guitar in my life then I would be complete.
    My Son got a Ibanez sr506 6 string today. For graduation from college.
    He's touring Europe this summer. They have a death metal band.
    While there I picked up a used EPI Humingbird. He loves his. Mine needs adjustment,bar chords are almost impossible. Feels like the strings are in another county.
    I'm not sure I'll keep mine.
    Sorry I'm going on and on but I love guitars.

  2. I've NEVER had much for Fender. They usually play pretty well and all, I just have no attraction to them. Perhaps their pickups aren't big enough, lol !