Monday, 24 May 2010


It no doubt is too much to ask that the heatwave continue isn't it? We sat outside in the garden most of yesterday afternoon - and both my daugther and Mrs F got more sun than they should probably have done. To be honest it has been too nice a day to be cooped up in the office but there is little choice really.

I'm off to London tomorrow for another meeting with the outplacement consultant which should be useful. I am actually somewhat glad that it looks like the temperature will be down a bit tomorrow as being in London in the sweltering heat probably not too brilliant.


  1. I hate the weather in London when it's cold/grey OR now "snowing".

    Love Spring, Summer and Autumn, though!!!

    What the heck happened at the weekend? Went from terrible weather to baking sun, now back at "extremely pleasant". Unfortunately, I got to spend most of Sat/Sun either indoors or driving a van around with furniture in the back. Brilliant timing!!!!


  2. Beautiful wasn't it? But you know, it's way too much to ask it to stay like that for a Bank Holiday Weekend?!