Monday, 10 May 2010

Celebrating the humdrum

I read some blogs which are by alcoholics working through recovery. One such one recent post over at One Alcoholic's Journey was spot on for me. It reminded me of the old me, for years I used to expect that at some point I'd be instantly recognised as the genius I clearly was and I'd be swiftly famous, rich, accepted, etc. I was a bizarre notion but one that was a regular recurrence. Every time I entered a bar and started drinking I was expecting at that moment for someone to burst through the doors look at me and say something like "Hey you, there is a hung parliament we need you as PM now", or "Hey Eric Clapton has pulled out of the Cream reunion and we need you". Nuts I know.

However deep seated underneath this was a simple issue, I simply wasn't content with who I was and what I had. Why? Because I wasn't taking time to look and be grateful all I was was ungrateful, discontent.

Now a days I try to practice the discipline of stopping and looking about and realising what I have. I keep my list on this blog... sadly not recently updated, hence no doubt this post. I have to practice being grateful.


  1. I try really hard to be grateful, but if I'm honest its the little things that bother me now, silly things really that can suddenly trip me up. Big things I try to accept, things that can't be changed. work in progress, I guess.

  2. I really enjoy reading of your Bloggs. . .only now had the front to leave a comment, hope you dont mind.

    Your bloggs help me, into the 'insight into a guyz head'. Helps me to understand more of 'the whys and where fors' for said behaviour. . .thankyou for your honesty and truith. . .x