Friday, 28 May 2010

Long weekend

Bank holiday only seems like 4 weeks ago we were having one of these :-)

Depending on the weather I think I might go over to Brands Hatch on Monday to watch some big of F1 and Sportscars zoom around there :-)

My son has his last exam of this year today so he'll be celebrating his finishing of another year at uni. I'm off to pick him up next Thursday - giving him a couple of days to start packing... knowing him no chance it'll all be last minute.

My daughter who has at various times this year come through the door in her usual calm and quiet manner... (NOT!) screaming that she'll never gets Statistics, hates it and the teacher and her teacher clearly hates her etc. managed to get 96% in a test this week and the teacher used her as an example to the class of what they should be aiming for. Hopefully she'll approach her impending GCSE with some confidence now. It does seem wrong that she is taking a full GCSE this early, she is year 9 and only 14 for crying out loud but it's the way of the world these days isn't it. Since they scrapped the KS3 SATS test her school decided that on some of the "pathways" they'd bring stuff into year 9 this year. So she is doing the full Stats paper and modules in Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. She is drawing up a revision timetable and will need to knuckle down to some revision this holiday week. Whatever the populist view of exams being easier and kids not being as clever as they used to be etc. one thing I can't ignore as a parent is that in my opinion there is far more pressure on kids today than ever there was in my day.

Hope everyone has a good weekend wherever you are....


  1. Have a good one FC - we may do a London run. Anything to get away from the airshow

  2. You cats get a long weekend too ? Cool.

  3. I hear you on the tests and the much pressure.

    I hope you enjoy your long weekend!!

  4. and a wonderfull weekend to you and yours mr.g

  5. You have two clever children.