Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Finally in America

I say finally as I was originally scheduled to travel the week after all the Ash Cloud mess in April so I aborted that and rebooked for this week which had some added benefits in some other connections over here I was hoping to make.

Also finally because this is the final trip I'll make over here in this job - so probably the last time I'll ever visit this area and see the rest of my team and many other old colleagues. I've been coming here since I started in the company in 1991 - well I think my first trip was 1992 but anyway there have been periods where I've spent one week in every 4 over here in some jobs etc. in the days when money was never really an issue. I've not added up the number of trips but it must be somewhere around 80 or so over the years.

Time to say goodbye - the office block my team is in is almost empty as they are going to refurbish it. I remember this thing being built! I was talking to an old friend and mentioned the "old restaurant" and he looked blankly at me, he found it funny someone from the UK knew more about this site's history then he did.

So the last ever American hire car - long term readers of this and the previous blog will know my amazement at some USA hire cars I've had - is possibly the best I've ever had. I got an upgrade to an Infinity G37 or something like that. Boy does this thing fly! It has every gizmo you could want and some you don't... a camera that shows a picture on a little screen on the dash as you reverse for example!

Still can't wait to be home to Blighty though - much as I do like this area and the people it's never home.


  1. You seem very content to be saying fairwell to this bit of your working life

    Safe journey home :-)

  2. make the most of it - keep in touch with the good ones!

  3. so are you home yet??/
    saz x