Saturday, 29 May 2010

Ashes to Ashes...

So anyone follow all this?

I was a casual watcher - it was often on a night I was out but I did watch the latter half of the last series to try and get it. Which I did ... clever ending I quite liked the idea.

So here is a question though - my friends and I were talking about it and I said so was Jim the nasty guy actually the devil. One said - it was good vs evil saying he is the devil is a bit far isn't it? If you say that then Gene Hunt was God.

I laughed and said "we could take this like those that have set up Jedi as a puka (in their eyes) religion. Let's call ourselves the Disciples of Gene and have 10 commandments according to Gene". We all laughed then one friend said... "hey Disciples Of Gene... is GOD backwards"... spooky!


  1. Bum! I missed it and can't find it on iPlayer :(

    Loved Life on Mars ending tho'. Was it similar?

  2. Oh ooh oh rh urh. (That's meant to be that spooky music.)