Thursday, 6 May 2010

Much as I hate to see this happen...

Hartlepool have been docked 3 points over fielding a player who should have been on suspension.

Terrific!!! Sorry Hartlepool fans but we need all the help we can get - that now means that we have another team beneath us going into the crucial last day of the season.

Of course you know what'll happen now don't you...

Gillingham will scrape through and Hartlepool will be relegated. Half of the Gillingham team are out of contract so they will be encouraged to stay on League One style deals etc. and then Hartlepool will appeal the decision and win so Gilligham will be relegate but with a League One salary bill... we'll go into administration and plummet down League Two... I generally find with Gillingham it is better to look on the dark side, everything above that is a bonus!

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