Sunday, 7 March 2010

Stark reminder

I've been following a blog of a lady whose husband has been battling with alcoholism for a long time.

Sadly he passed on yesterday morning when all the abuse over the years finally took it's toll on him.

Things to be grateful for today? I'm bloody lucky I'm not drinking at the moment.

Things to wish for tomorrow? That I continue to be that lucky day to day.


  1. sadly, sometimes reminders are a very good thing.

  2. ahhh! But you're still stuck with me...;-)

    RIP to the man.

    At the risk of repeating...which I often do after a few voddys...

    "You live, you die. The bit in between is called LIFE. Enjoy"

    - Grant Naylor / Red Dwarf

    I may well shuffle off as a result of voddy consumption...(may???)...but if that means I shuffle off a wee bit earlier than I would have sober WTF?

    I've had fun.

    As The Chili's ain't a rehearsal...;-)

  3. Hey there, I am sorry to hear that he passed. You were following my blog as well and left me some great comments, but recently I had to change the URL because someone I knew was threatening my anonymity. (pretty horrible). I thought about removing the blog entirely but decided instead to just change the URL. Here you go, hope to see you there soon. And take care!