Friday, 19 March 2010

Sport Relief... you're having a laugh!

So for anyone in the UK you can't have missed that it is Sport Relief day... if you have can you tell me how you've managed to avoid it? Total media avoidance.

Anyway - it is a good thing. I saw one clip last night on the bike ride documentary about how the money is used for young carers to have an hour or two at a bike club. Hmm... sorry but 11 year old boys shouldn't have to be care 24 x 7 for his disabled Mum and his two younger siblings. This is England in the 21st Century - we can put the country into massive debt to bail out failing banks surely we can pay for someone to help these kids. Anyway that rant over which will make no difference to the world...

So Eddie Izzard ran around the UK 43 marathons in 51 days. There was the million pound bike ride - 7 celebs cycling around the clock from John O'Groats to Lands End. All worthy challenges that is someone putting themselves out to ask for the money to help ... showing us the privileged that there is another side.

So my company... we've got a Wii Sports challenge at lunchtime. Words fail me! I'll still donate but playing on a Wii in the comfort of our coffee shop doesn't seem in the right spirit to me...


  1. Good luck to everyone who has (or is) doing stuff to raise money... but I don't really wanna see endless TV progs about it! I have avoided it all funny enough, I just change channel!

    Have also cleverly arranged a 'lads night out' tonight so will avoid the main coverage this evening too.

    Still, there is one thing worse than this y'know... COMIC RELIEF!!! Ugh... one thing guarenteed to be unfunny and down right embarrasing!


  2. I should hook my wii up and play mario kart with you!
    your VAT soiunds like the pits, how many other taxes do you have to pay? The 10% sales tax is one little tax, unless you buy something like a new car then add 10% on that. Then there is state tax, federal tax, property tax, income tax, utility tax, ou get the picture it all adds up, I am sure you are taxed to death too.

  3. This is interesting, I haven't heard of it. Still, I find your Wii sports challenge very interesting, how did that turn out?

    Rock on.

  4. Hello there - I saw your comment on Suburbia's page and came to say hello. I'm sorry you are going through bad stuff but how strong you are with your resolutions not to give in to old urges.

    My weakness is food and I have recently joined weight watchers out here in France. I have to fight with self-control quite often and it's not easy. I admire anybody who can stick to something for a long time.

  5. I did my bit for Sport Relief. I had a wank whilst wearing a tracksuit.

  6. Presumable the company encourages people to take part in their sport challenge using the slogan "WeWii"?

  7. @piley - I went to an AA meeting Friday... much better for me!

    I watched the bike ride and the Ed Iz running thing - that man is a loony!