Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Gillingham optimism

You have to admire the shear blind optimism of Gillingham.

The following is quoted from the BBC

"Gillingham manager Mark Stimson has welcomed next season's return of the club's blue and black striped shirts.

Following a supporters' poll, there was a big vote for a return to the "lucky" Inter Milan style team strip.

Stimson told BBC Radio Kent: "We'll look like Inter Milan and hopefully we'll play like them.

"It's what the supporters want and the chairman is willing. If it brings the success the club previously enjoyed that would be great."

The blue and black striped shirts came to be known as Gillingham's lucky strip following promotion seasons in 1996 and 2000."

Inter Milan!!! Yes I really can see our team playing like that - Inter probably spend more on the boots for their strikers than we did on the whole team!

Sadly also though you note that this is the promotion kit... I only fear it might be promotion from League 2 we're chasing next year.


  1. Well, you could be like me and be a Liverpool fan, and see what spending millions upon millions gets you...a loss to Wigan Athletic:/

  2. I get it completely....'round here we bleed red, blue, green, black and gold.

  3. Inter Gillingham?.....

    I can't really take the piss though can I?...;-)

  4. A/C Oldham!

    Now there's a laugh... oh yeah I get your point neither of us in a position to take the piss out of each other are we

  5. Why were they ever dropped ?

  6. Pity those managers who're bound by superstition; they won't last. Stimson's been at Gillingham for quite a while in management years at least. But if he starts with all that ju-ju stuff he'll end up back at Grays Athletic.

  7. You've got to have something to aim at!