Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Off the tablets and swimming again

So my slow slow recovery from all this nonsense with the vertigo attacks has taken another couple of steps forward. I'm off all regular medication now, I still have things to take if I feel a migrainne attack coming on (bloody great pink ones that have enough pain killer in them to kill a cat) and then to take if they fail and a vertigo attack kicks in. However I've taken the pink ones a couple of times in the last two months but the others ones not once since early Jan ... HOORAY!!

So given I'm feeling better but also feeling unfit and fat I've hit the swimming pool. Now I think looking at the dust on the bag and the last reciept I found in it that I hadn't been since November where I think I went one day and had an attack that night or the next day and wonder if that was a catalyst. So I stopped going and you know how it is once you get lazy... you get lazier and lazier...

The pool is a building site currently - it was in Nov but now it is even worse, you go in through a fire exit, the reception is a little office near that, no ceiling in the changing rooms, only two showers working, bits boarded up here, there and everywhere. Still the pool is still alright! On Monday I did 40 lengths, today 50 which is my normal training distance. Yes I was slower than of old but then I'm getting old and my legs and back ached a bit but still I'm pleased to be back doing it.

Also it does energise me more for work than I've been in the past few weeks.


  1. Getting old is only in our mind.
    Age never prevented people from doing things:

  2. credit to you Sir - great to hear you are getting back in the swing of stuff. Very positive that you are back swimming too.

    40 lengths sounds bloody amazing to me!


  3. @What was Done

    I decided to leave this bit of spam here in case anyone wants to look at the site which is quiet amusing...

    It shows what some people did at certain ages... however it seems a bit odd... read wrong to me.

    Pick 47 and it says...

    06-April-2005 : Rainier III, Prince of Monaco dies; his son Albert II succeeds him

    I think Albert II was 47 Rainier was in his 80s surely!

    Go up a year and Bob Dylan in 1961 met Woody Gutherie... yes it was Woody who was that age...

    Interesting site... sort of just could do with some more thought

  4. Keep it up. Seems like things are moving forward as well as you could expect.