Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Hello hello

... what's going on 'ere then? A lot of trivial stuff basically which has meant I've not been on the blogsphere as much as normal. Family life is wombling along as ever. My son will be home briefly for the weekend which will be great to see him - he is coming home to go on a paintballing day with some old school friends that one of them bought all of them as a Christmas present. His facebook status updates this week have all been about his "man flu" as my daughter refers to it and she tells us "don't give him any sympathy". Charming!

Actually the weekend is a busy one for all of us - Son home and paintballing, my daughter is off to see... someone at the O2 on Sunday (had to look it up - Lily Allen and Dizzee Rascal - I should have known) with a load of friends for a girls birthday bash. Mrs F and I will be there the night before as we are off to see The Dave Mathews Band. I'm really looking forward to that as I've loved their music for some years now but never seen them live at all.

On getting back from the USA the results of my brain scan were there - well you need a medical degree to understand it but I'm pretty sure that it says pretty much it is okay apart for some "inflammation damage" to my "mastoid cells". I'll have to ask my doctor what that means.


  1. You daft old mastoid you!

    Remember you're a Womble!!!

    ...If you cover that on the SFR tour I may have to kill you...;-)

  2. You should get near Memphis next time... it's not fair. Maybe we could dig you up a gig to play downtown. :)

    Anyways, glad you returned safely... Go do a little relaxing!