Sunday, 28 March 2010

Home for Easter

I've been to Wales to pick up my son, his xBox, guitar, books etc. and some dirty washing/sheets! He is now home for Easter and had to be home for tomorrow as he is off to talk with the Head of Science at the school he will be working at for 3 weeks in June.

The drive up was pretty good although when I got there I had a headache and these days I start to panic that any headache will be a migraine and start a vertigo attack. Nothing of the sort, two paracetamol and I was fine, I need to relax about this stuff more :-)

Anyway we had a boys night out on the town, well given I was knackered from the drive, we planned to get away early Sunday morning and the clocks went forward an hour actually we had a curry and coke each and called it a night no doubt before any real revellers had set off!

The drive back was one of our quickest, either I'm driving faster of there are less holdups on the route we were back in time for mid afternoon tea and a roast lamb dinner that Mrs F had prepared - including the parsnips which normally she'll never chop up and are left to me.

Great F1 result! A much better race than the first one of the season, a bit of rain always livens it up. Pleased for Button and Kubica who both will be boosted in their new teams by good results. Hmm Schmacher - what is going on there - he suddenly came to life in the last few laps but I don't think he thought he'd be battling a boy half his age in only his first full season for 10th place when he decided to return.


  1. Good luck separating your son from that XBox !

  2. all that talk of yummy food- curry and parsnips and lamb (my favorite!!) has my tummy grumbling! Enjoy having your boy home and have a great Easter!