Tuesday, 23 March 2010

The hammer to fall...

So this time last year I was going through a round of redundancy threat. We're back there again, only this time I'm comfortable with it. Having struggled a bit with the job I ended up in last year, it is a very wide ranging job with many expectations, big responsibilities but ultimately little power as all the resources I have are very much at arms length and tied into larger deals etc. etc. basically it is very difficult to affect real change. Also the job I have now is very much internal IT - I could work for a company doing anything as I don't really have any interaction with the business end of the process. Then I wasn't well over the last year and I'm sure that was stress related as much as anything else.

So anyway I'm now in the position of waiting for the hammer to fall. Our internal process has periods needed for "consultation" then notice periods etc. So we have a couple of months or more of this to play out yet. As many as 4 in reality as I'm on a 3 months notice period.

Whatever a chance for a total rethink and reappraisal. I should get a good payout as I've been here 20 years and my company is very generous in that department - including a lot of career transition advice etc. available through a third party consultancy.

I have had some ideas about a complete career change - which I shall investigate. However I'm lucky to have the opportunity to take at least a bit of a break over the summer - get some of the things around the house like decorating etc. done and just unwind a bit before getting into whatever the next chapter maybe.


  1. Sounds fantastic. You lucky beggar. If only some twat would just hand me a shed load of cash for not turning up to work; I'd be a made man.

  2. It really sounds as though you are ready for a change...good luck!

  3. You are sounding very positive so i hope and pray that the outcome will be the very best for you, whatever that is.