Friday, 21 November 2008

This week and the weekend

So I spent two days off sick with my back. It got a bit better Tuesday. Wednesday morning I made the decision to go to a business meeting I was booked to attend near Stratford-on-Avon. So I set off, I got off the M25/M40 for a bunch of it to allow me to stop and walk about. To be honest about half way I thought “this was a mistake” but by then it was really a case of might as well carry on to the end now I’m this far.

The meeting was very useful – lots to consider. This is in an area I’m trying to work on at the moment about how can you facilitate better buying and selling of knowledge. We’re at a potential tipping point to get this off the ground but it all needs marshalling and focusing and pushing.

The meeting was held in a large Elizabethan manor house that has been turned into a hotel. Allegedly Shakespeare route As You Like there. Wednesday evening the back began to feel better and this continued on Thursday with the journey home not as bad discomfortwise as the trip up had been.

So I’m back in the office today and a little bit painful but not as bad as it’s been – actually I’ve taken no pain killers today so that must say something.

This weekend in my daughters 13th birthday. So I’ll have two teenage kids to be dealing with from no on. Our son is making his first trip home from Wales for this weekend which will be great to see him – I hope the travel plans he has worked out all fall into place. We’re off to London tomorrow to see Hairspray as her birthday treat. I’ll no doubt post here how it all goes.


  1. oh back problems are no fun. i hope you feel better soon!

  2. Happy birthday to daughter-of-furtheron. Now your troubles begin ...

    Do tell how Hairspray was. I loved the film.