Monday, 3 November 2008


Well that was a bit flipping close wasn’t it? I think if I’d have written an F1 thriller novel with that as the final chapter the publisher would have no doubt said – “The ending is a bit far fetched isn’t it?”

I did for a few minutes think that he’d probably let the championship slip away when he seemed to just lose concentration and go too wide and Vetel sneaked through. I’ve not seem any film of Glock before the passes but from the car language presume he’d spun – or was having massive difficulty keep the car on the track. I mean you can’t get any closer than that can you when Massa crossed the line he was champion but then in the next few seconds that pass meant he wasn’t. How cruel for him was that as well. It is good now though that F1 is in a much healthier place driver wise than a few years back where really it was Schumacher and virtually no one else to challenge him. Now you have Hamilton, Raikkonen, Massa and Alonso all with the ability to win the championship and others coming up as well. Kubica with the right car would be there as well and Vettel is a fantastic talent as shown in the last half of this year. Given the Renault power issues that Red Bull have suffered (although the Renault itself in the last few races has been way better) I sad to see him move as on current form I think he’d have more chance at more points and wins in the Toro Rosso.

Given a couple of other championships have gone very much to form this year – Rossi dominating in MotoGP again and the seemingly unstoppable Seb Loeb taking his fifth straight title, even superbikes was Troy Baliss in his final season with Troy Corser second – it’s good to at least have a new world champion in the pinnacle motorsport and a Brit at that for us as well. Sadly we’ll not have a Brit double as Andy Priaux reign as WTCC champion is over no matter what he does now in the final round he can’t win.


  1. Oh I don't follow motor racing but thanks for that little run down! :-)

  2. I went to school with Tony Hamilton and so am chuffed to blazes that he grew up into such a fine fellow and has sired a worthy world champion.