Sunday, 16 November 2008

Pain, pain, pain!

So some point today I bent down just putting some rubbish in the bin after I'd been out in the garden clearing up leaves etc. and bang! It was like someone swiped my back with a sword. Agony! Goodness knows what I've pulled but it hurts like hell!


  1. Should have expected that level of sympathy shouldn't I.... :-)

  2. Oh, I had one of those a few months back. Ended up going down to the gym and doing more lower back/abs (they're in there somewhere) and lat exercises... the whole 'core stability' trip that people are on these days. Not had any issues since.

  3. hey, ice it is sympathetic, if you lived next door i would have given you a handful of my Flexirils and gigantic prescription strength ibupropens and then i would throw you in the hot tub for 30 min and simmer ya til ur done! :o>