Tuesday, 25 November 2008

A dilemma

So I’ve some ideas for new songs hanging around but over 2 years ago I jettisoned all my recording gear when I downsized into the smaller bedroom in the house to allow Princess Pink and Lilac (my daughter) to take over the room above the garage which had been my “studio” since we’d moved in. To be fair I’d hardly touched the stuff in years as I’d lost the drive to write and record my own stuff, also it was very dated a very old and very basic Fostex 4track portastudio, an old Alesis sequencer, a Yamaha DX keyboard I never got the hang of playing let alone programming etc. I even sold my old Boss drum machine.

The dilemma therefore is what to do to rectify this situation.

My first thought was to go computer recording but frankly I have enough of computers at work and my home track record isn’t good either – our latest one is just back after weeks on its back needing a new CPU etc. So I’ve decided I definitely want to go for a dedicated recorder of some kind for ease of “plug in and just do it”.

I like the look of this Tascam DP-02CF. Tascam have a good rep when it comes to home recording – I remember in the early 80s my band of the moment being amazed at getting our hands on an original portastudio of theirs to record a couple of songs. This looks good from the point of view of simple to use, obvious lay out etc. Clearly they’ve gone for the “knobs to grab and twist” rather than a complicated menu structure. Generally it’s about £200.

Then I’ve also seen this Boss BR600. Now this has less knobs and looks more menu driven – however it does have a drum machine built in. I’m less bothered about effects as I’ve a Line6 POD so have no worries on getting a good sound into the machine. The other advantage with this looks to be massive portability with it running off batteries even and having built in mics so possibly useful if I do get a band together for rough recordings of rehearsals / gigs. It’s about the same price – maybe a little cheaper.

So the less features Tascam but possibly easier to use – but I’d have to buy a drum machine as well. Or, the Boss with the drum machine and the portability – although the latter I simply don’t need just at the moment.

A conundrum indeed… Oh yes and I better wait for Monday to save that 2.5% on the VAT.


  1. I can see your dilemma. Have you thought about the Dipdop Vf93X. I find it has just the right amount of options without being too wieldy.

  2. Liz - I can't seem to find a local Dipdop stockist... :-)

  3. Yup yup yup yup yup... I'm thinking of selling my Zoom MRCD808wassisnameythingymajig 8-track. Trouble is, you'd sell it too after a while, like you will with this stuff. Especially once you get over the idea that you actually can't be arsed to make some kind of tip top home record/album yourself. Have a word with Istvanski because he has a mate that's selling a really nice 32 track Korg with all the bells and whistles for peanuts - for exactly the same reason. I'd try and talk you out of it but it's GAS man.

  4. Granted Col but I have ideas that need to get put onto something to get further into shape... however I do worry I'll be into 3 hours of titting about with the exact panning of the 4th guitar overdub when it all flies out the window and I go back to playing classical guitar as you only need you ears and fingers... :-)

  5. I've got a Boss br600 which I used to record the Dead Dictators main theme and Murder in Suburbia song. With a bit of care, you can use it to make broadcast quality stuff. The drum machine is awkward and odd to program and the amount of kits available are limited but you can import your own snare and bass drum sound into the Boss to use. It's a good one-stop-shop audio notebook for ideas and demo tool with built in tuner. If you can get your head around some of the odd working methods of how this is to be used, you'll be happy.

  6. Right decision made... I've ordered the Boss.

  7. Just noticed this post! Have you tried the Boss out as yet? I'm curious to know whether any of the pre-made drum tracks are any good and what you think of the bass guitar simulation!

  8. I've had less than 20 mins with it so far! The demo track sounded impressive - too impressive actually...

    I'm planning to first of all just record something very simple without any drums etc. Also I doubt I'll use the bass thingy as I've two basses kicking about in the collection