Thursday, 27 November 2008

F1 medals disaster

As long as the F1 championship has been going, long before Mr Eccelstone had made a fortune from it, it has been a championship that rewards consistency of performance throughout the year – hence it is points based and I for one hope it will long remain so.

It could do with more overtaking… people blame the circuits but I’ve watched GP2 races on the same day at the majority of European circuits and there is plenty of overtaking in those races. Yes that is a one make championship so everyone has the same car, engine, tyres etc. I’d hate for F1 to go that way since part of F1 is the teams building better and better cars to beat one another.

So if it was up to me what would I do? (No point moaning here without an alternative is there). Okay here would be my plan.

Points for positions increased.

i.e. 1st place 15 points, 2nd place 10 points, 3rd place 8 points…. Or similar – if someone won’t overtake for 2 points will they for 5 or 10?

Give points for qualifying. Pole 5 points, 2nd 3 points… Why? Because then some teams will go for low fuel qualifying to get the points and compromise their race strategy, they shoot off for 10 laps, pit and refuel and rejoin mid field and need to fight back up the order.

Finally reward what people are saying is missing. Why not have some points awarded for the most places gained in the race? If you start 10th and end up 2nd you get some bonus points, something like 3 points for most places gained, 2 points for next, 1 point for third number gained. This’ll mean even the minnows at the back without the budgets to regularly score points at the front can still fight for places throughout the grid just passing that guy in front in the last lap may get a point or two even though you’re finishing in 10th place.

The proposal as stated makes me feel like saying just make it a knock out competition – the guy who comes last in every race can’t start the next until you get a final at the end of the year, first over the line is champ. Sadly though I think people would only watch the last race and the sponsorship would dry up and lower teams would struggle for money. Or just have one race like the Olympics.

I really hope this isn’t the way the sport goes it’ll be a sad day for me and probably my ending of being an avid F1 watcher.

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  1. I fell asleep watching it. Too much like a procession to me. Mind you I did wake up in time to see that bloke change his car from a F1 to a milk float. Some'at about the wrong tyres I think.

    When I read Ecclestone I thought it was a Doctor Who post for a second..