Monday, 24 November 2008

Hairspray review

The weekend went really well with Son-of-Furtheron making the trip home from Wales for his sisters birthday.

Saturday morning was the usual over excitement that youngsters have for birthdays with her opening all her presents in our bedroom. I'd got her a new digital camera - pink one of course - and all weekend she's been clicking away like nuts, including a picture of the Camberwell snooker club... don't ask me.

Unfortunately I'd let slip something a week or so ago and she'd put two and two together and despite as saying we'd pick her Nan up just so she could see son-of-Furtheron before leaving the obvious hole in this being that Nan lives right next to the station so it looked odd. Anyway at the appointed time the streched pink limo pulled up outside and her and her friend were over the moon.

We all settled into the ridiculous thing full of balloons and banners. Son-of-Furtheron now admitted that when he'd told his flat mate he was coming home to ride in a pink limo and go to see Hairspray this friend had looked at him and said - "You aren't gay are you?" Very funny.

So the Limo dropped us in Covent Garden and a large lunch later we headed for the show. I have to admit that I have never seen either film version (original with Divine and Riki Lake or the remake with John Travolta) so knew nothing of the story at all. So for a big brash bright singalong a musical it actually deals with some pretty deep subjects, how people view those who don't fit the accepted view of the norm and racism. Given the election result this month it was quite poignant.

The production was excellent - brilliant dancing and singing and on a smallish stage by West End standards clever use of scenery - esp one bit that I missed entirely until the right moment which was very clever, I won't spoil it by telling you what happens there.

The cast were excellent with Michael Ball the obvious star among stars. He was brilliant in the role and so funny at times as well.

So a highly recommended stamp from me. My daughter and her friend really loved it too which at the end of the day is all that really matters.

The Limo picked us up outside the theatre and a nice journey back home.

Sunday we drove up to Victoria and put Son-of-Furtheron on the coach back to Aberystwyth. His ticket was only £4.50!!! However the coach did break down and he had to wait 30mins at Telford for a replacement but at least he got back okay late in the evening.

Mrs F and I remarked to each other last night as we were turning the lights out that you plan these things for ages and then whoosh it's all gone in a moment and that it is apart from the memories.


  1. Saw it on Broadway in NY then the movie. Both were really good. I think the stage production's actually better as being limited by what you *can* do onstage, there are bits that really stand out.

    And no, I didn't have a clue about the racial background story. Really cool!

    My biggest issue with the Broadway show was that the staff at the theatre basically wanted you in your seat ASAP then out of the theatre almost before the curtain went down so that the next show could get started!

  2. I love limos.

    Mrs. F is right. It's a bit like your wedding day. Whoosh! and it's over.

  3. She'll always remember that birthday! What a fabulous treat!

  4. A camera for her birthday? Not a puppy?!