Thursday, 15 December 2011

Jamie Johnson - you heard him here first

Jamie performed at the Songwriter night at the Nags Head last night and blew us all off the stage - we all easily accepted that he was the only real flipping talent there - an amazing voice.

Go here and have a listen to Cloudy Skies.  You can download it and play it to all your friends too!

Then go and like him on Facebook to make his day.


  1. He BLEW you all ??? What was the cover charge ?

  2. Must learn to proof read my posts!

  3. LMAO !!! That sounds MUCH BETTER, LOL !!!

  4. Haaaaaaaaaa, I'm peeved I've come in too late..!

    You're not right about him being the only one with talent amongst you, but I agree he IS awesome - sorry, I don't do facebook, it scares me.