Sunday, 10 June 2012

Rain, traffic jams and Brown Envelopes

Friday was a bit of a day... I'd gone to Aberystwyth to pick up my son on Thursday.  We woke to a horizontal waterfall, otherwise known as Welsh rain.  By the time we'd loaded up the car we were soaked to the skin but we set off about 9:30am.  The rain was relentless, and as we headed up into the Cambrian mountains it got worse, waterfalls off the hills, virtual rivers across the road and then stones etc. strewn across the road in the wake of the water.

If you've not seen the news - it was a good job we left when we did.  The floods have been bad in the area and the road we used to get out was blocked!

By the time we were near Newtown it was just a mild downpour and a the road surface a lot better - i.e. not running constantly with water!   We got stuck in a 10 mile tailback on the M25 for no discernible reason - they were supposedly some accidents, we saw no evidence just 10 miles and 2 hours of stop start 1st gear M25 grind.

On arriving home there was a brown envelope from the taxman waiting.  I had a melt down - they have completely cocked up my self-assessment and claim I owe them a small fortune - honestly I have to pay them more than my annual gross salary to clear the bill.  But it is wrong I can see how and why - they think I'm lying, I'm not I have followed the rules they have written down... I've written a letter explaining all this, sat on the phone for ages to be told "Well there is nothing we can do" - who knows when this'll end?

Back to work tomorrow morning - I'd been looking forward to this week off but it seems to have all gone past so quick I've almost missed it myself.


  1. Two things I don't miss about the UK.

    The bloody awful weather.
    The Inland Revenue.

    It'a one of the mysteries of the Universe, the well known time-dilation whilst on holiday effect.

  2. Oh my gosh, Furtheron! Deep Breath!

    I'm glad you made it home safe and sound. I'm so very sorry about the tax mix up but I'm grateful that you were able to see what the mistake was on their part and not yours, that's a huge relief, for certain.

    Here's to a better day, today.

  3. Furtheron, just seen the floods on tv as I was reading this, how awful for those people with their homes ruined. And how frightening.

    I hope you get the tax-return problem sorted; that must be quite frightening too. Surely there is some way for them to check on your income. Or maybe it's more complicated than that.
    Back to school tomorrow ;-))

    1. There in lies the problem... sort of... it is for the year I was made redundant - the issue is how they are counting the redundancy payment. I can explain it all - it is whether they get it - which clearly they do not at the moment... my son thinks I'll end up in court!

  4. Furtheron, I am so sorry about the tax troubles. Our American IRS is so difficult to understand and work with. I dread tax season and had a bit of a hit last year and did NOT see that one coming. Hang in there.

    As for your rains...

    I live in a similar region and that can be deadly. Thank gOd for your safety.

  5. When it rains, it pours. Hope things look better this week!