Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Happy Solstice

Is that the correct salutation for today?  Now is the Solstice today or tomorrow... my calendar says today but people are gathering for tomorrow morning at Stonehenge...   Whatever the point of this post is actually that we are half way through 2012!!!  Holy Mother - where's the time going.

2012 - Jubilee year - yep we've done that, flotillas, concerts, services, flypasts etc.  Happy 60th your majesty.  Time was I'd have been spitting about the need to remove the monarchy and let true democracy reign but I've mellowed with age also I like that the Prime Minister still answers to the Queen, I know it is all a bit phoney in that if the monarch did refuse to sign a new statute we'd be in a right constitutional conundrum but I like it that the senior elected official in this country is put in their place a bit.  I like the continuity of the monarchy and that we don't have to endure presidential elections with a collection of candidates who no doubt would always make me look for the "none of the above" option.

2012 - the year of the Olympics.  If I'm to believe the bombardment I'm getting as a person who works in London through the week and commutes in on a line through Stratford (the major centre for the venues) frankly there is no point trying to get anywhere in the weeks the games are on.  This strikes me as madness - London deals with approx 750,000 commuting into London every day, that doesn't include the number of Londoners moving about as well.  Surely we can cope... can't we?   We'll look chuffing daft if we don't.  My cynical head tells me I'll be walking to work across deserted streets and pavements as most of London seems to be going into some kind of suspended animation then.   I will keep you updated on this here blog.

Oh yes - little matter of my impending sense of doom, sorry I mean 50th birthday up in October.

My daughter has finished school completely now - yes she is an adult - of sorts.  Good lord... how time disappears.

Today in London is hot and sunny with a light breeze (I sound like the BBC weather summary now) which is a good mark for the solstice.  From here on in it is downhill on the downslope of 2012.  Now didn't some people predict the end of the world or something?  No point worrying about that is there - like the Euro Crisis which I think is only a crisis because the reporters keep telling us it is a crisis.  Bail out Spanish banks - markets open and go up.  Good, markets should reflect the long term view of the stability/security of the economy, sector or company depending where you cut through the figures.  But by lunchtime it's all gone to hell in a handcart and the gains are being wiped off the market again.  I'm lost, are these people mature adults?  The things were done, you said good at 8am but by lunchtime you think it is all rubbish again?  Why should anyone listen to you?  Of course they get their bonus and fat cheques and don't consider the poor git who retires on Friday who has just seen the income he thought he had with his pension tumble just because of the day the annuity was bought.   I tell you folks the end of the world as in the end of all this nonsense wouldn't be a bad thing.   Can we create an alternative economy alongside the current one, let them play their games out whilst the rest of the sensible souls, i.e. not politicians or bankers just get on with life until we get it to a point where we can say to them "You happy to carry on playing over there?"  - "Good see ya".  I don't have that answer just think there has to be a better way than the current madness.


  1. Don't forget that we're all out of here on December 21st anyway!

  2. It's the winter solstice down here, so we can all look forward to longer days and (hopefully) better weather.

    I don't envy you trying to live and commute to London during the Olympics. You can always watch the synchronised swimming, which must be the stupidest "sport" ever.

    Agree about the markets...bunch of self-panickers.

  3. Aha! So your 50th is in October. The Hubby turns 50 tomorrow. No worries - its the new 40! I'm looking forward to the Olympics. England has had quite a year. All you guys do over there is party. Why'd we form our own nation again? ;)

  4. I'm sure you're right; "there has to be a better way than the current madness" . . . I wish someone would start an alternative economy/society. An honest one.
    Happy Solstice.
    I can't believe this year is half way gone either . . . But, there's another half to come and much can happen in six months.
    You might as well get into this turning 50 milarky and look forward to it; I'm trying to. I'm convincing myself that 50 will be my best year, so far. Well, I'm trying.

  5. halfway? how DID that happen? rather than celebrate the longest day of the year? i am reminded that the days start getting shorter - i always see endings, so i've gotten used to this. it was about 36C here today. i'll take a shorter day, thank you...

  6. Yikes, halfway through the year? I prefer to look at it as the beginning of summer which hasn't officially started yet either (has it and I missed it?). It is hot as all get out here - 95 degrees in my corner of the world today. No outside for me today....just as head hurts anyway.

    So, Happy Solstice - either a day late or just on time!!

  7. I think the 21st is actually solstice - that's what I've always believed. And the 24th (our anniversary) is midsummer day. No, I don't understand it either.

    You should worry: I'm 60 in November.

  8. I'm so with you on that last rant!

    Happy Longest Day! Though its been so grey and wet all day here today you'd never know it was midsummer!

  9. Happy Solstice! I wish I could be at the Olympics. I like synchronized diving. It's such an odd sport, yet mesmerizing.

  10. The girlfriend (Heather) has informed me attending the solstice at Stonehenge is one of her "bucket list" items...and she has tentatively identified 2015 as the most reasonable date she'd like to attend. Now, as a guy who is down for anything, I thought I'd ask a native as to the expected festivities? I've been to Stonehenge previously, but alas, it wasn't on some mystical day. So, I ask: attire? Or is it Druid style nudity? Fertility rites? Human sacrifice? Should I bring a bottle of wine? Nude human sacrifice fertility rite optional clothing? An extra pair of socks and clean underwear? Gotta plan ahead in order to know how to pack...

    And yes, Presidential elections are horribly painful to watch. While a supporter of our current President, I feel it is a bit of a default position due to the presumptive challenger coming across as something of a cold blooded, snake eyed sociopath.

    1. Take a crash helmet - often descends into running battles with the police I believe :-)