Monday, 18 June 2012

Father's Day Weekend

I found a lottery ticket in the front garden whilst weeding, snipping and tidying up on Saturday. I've not done the lottery for years as it gave me a depression I could do without, basically every Monday I'd walk into work in a complete rage that I hadn't won on Saturday and could tell them where to stick the job. I realised this was not good for my temperament and stopped doing the lottery! This ticket was rainwashed and sun bleached but all legible - we checked - it didn't have any winnings on it. Now there would have been a dilemma - say it had had outstanding winnings on it what would you do? Claim them and keep schtum? Advertise the ticket as lost and found? In many ways I was glad there was no winnings on it, no dilemma as it went in the recycling bin. Father's Day was very nice. The kids got me the usual selection of offensive and non-offensive cards. Also they got me the new Rush CD Clockwork Angels, Blu-Ray of Slash live in Stoke and a Sebastian Faulks novel I've not read. Super stuff. We then went to Brands Hatch for the mini festival. Lovely day, we all got sunburnt! I know in the middle of June in England - who'd have thought it! The main thing in the day was though that we as a family still all have a hankering to get a mini - we ought to do it sometime. There were a couple of old classic restored ones for around £4000 but whilst I'd love one looking in the engine bays at distributor caps, carburetors etc. brought back memories of our old Metro where I was forever with the bonnet up replacing rotor arms, filling the oil in the carburetor dampers, taking the rocker cover off and adjusting the tappets etc. etc. There is much to be said for todays cars, they may not have the character but they don't require much knowledge or time in keeping them running.


  1. Belated "Happy Father's Day!" . . . Sounds like you had a great day and some cool presents.
    I swear some folk's lives are made up of dreaming, from one lottery to the next, of "what ifs" . . . It's an addiction, I'm glad you stopped it. I know it's not seen as a harmful one but even so.

  2. How funny you wrote about the Lotto! I just bought a ticket on Friday too. I haven't played in ages. Needless to say, since I'm writing here, I didn't win either.

    We also got Devin the assortment of offensive and non-offensive cards. It is much more fun that way! I'm glad you guys had fun.

    Oh, and, I hate to admit it publicly but, um, I'd keep the winnings if I found a stray ticket.

  3. My husband plays the lottery from time to time and I always tell him we've already won because we've got a pretty great life.

    He doesn't find it as funny as I do.

  4. Wow, you've brought up a pair of nice, thoughtful kids there, F-Ron - and they still want to hang out with you both, which is great!

    We've got a Mini convertible and on the three days a year we get in this country when it stops raining long enough to get the roof down, it's great. I'd recommend it. One of the few modern cars that does have a bit of character.

    As for the 'found Lottery ticket' question, I'm afraid if I found the winner lying all alone on the pavement, I'd consider it mine. Mine, MINE!

  5. Funny you mention the lottery as I'm going to be writing a post about that shortly. I'm not a fan.

  6. Sounds like a nice Father's Day and so true on the cars.

  7. happy father's day! sounds perfect to me... and although i drive a fleet of old clunkers, i can appreciate the lack of work that comes with a new car. one that starts every time you turn the key can bring a lot of joy to the world!

  8. I love our mini! Especially the half door.

  9. I think I heard a news story about someone getting nicked because they'd cashed a winning lottery ticket which they'd found. Don't ask me how anyone knew, but there it is.

    1. As I say dilemma avoided but I did think afterwards, they no doubt know from the ticket serial no exactly where and when it was sold. So firstly if you can't answer that correctly they may be suspicious and then no doubt simple case of asking said retail point to show the CCTV for time of the purchase and bingo... this way to the cells sir.

      Say there had been £1m on it - probably best I advertise that I've found a ticket and would return it for a small reward - that surely can't be illegal.