Monday, 11 June 2012

Keep death off the roads

In the middle of all the moaning about the weather and the taxman etc. I have omitted to tell you about a fantastic Saturday afternoon.

Back last Christmas Mrs F and I were a little stuck with ideas of a gift for Daughter-of-Furtheron, having only turned 16 a month before the Yuletide festivities she had had a new super doper camera from us and other things.   Anyway I stumbled on a great idea - Young Driver at Brands Hatch - any kid over 11 who is tall enough (D-o-F does just qualify on that poor thing) can have a go at driving a car with an instructor through a course.  Now this is about teaching them to drive a car not racing the thing although they do all the driving on the Grand Prix loop of the famous circuit!   Anyway I bought the voucher thing but we've been waiting for the good weather before doing it!  Luckily despite the regular downpours across the country in the last few days we actually did get a nice dry and reasonably sunny afternoon on Saturday when she did it.  

There were four cars with three in each - apart from hers which was just her and another girl (the only two girls in the group).  That was a result as they had more time actually driving each than some of the others I'm sure.  We stood by the bridge on Pilgrims Drop and watched her stop, pull away, go through some cones in a slalom and do a three point turn.   Out on other parts they did emergency stops and hill starts etc.  She had a great time and the instructor said her last three point turn was exam standard already.  

Unfortunately she now wants a Mini and driving lessons for her 17th birthday!  The lessons we might be able to help with but as for running another car in the family... given I expressly never did this for our son I'm concerned about standing for equal treatment. 


  1. My son turned 17 this year and his father has been taking him on practice drives so he can get his driver's license. I can't bear to do it myself. I still remember how stupid I was at 17.

  2. I wish we had this scheme when my daughter was younger, she's very nervous about even taking lessons now.

    BTW I predict that if D-o-F want a car she's going to get one.

    Remember the Rule of the Universe.

    "Their daddys around their little finger daughters wind."

  3. hahaha - yep, I'm with the TSB - daddy's little girl =)

    Something tells me she's going to get that car!! Good luck, Furtheron

    (I say smiling from ear to ear because I have two older boys and one younger girl, I feel your pain!!)

  4. Hey, that sounds great; I expect you were very proud of her. Stropsters 17th is this Friday. Mum and Bro have bought him a block of lessons . . . I hope he's not expecting a surprise car from me! (he has got a surprise guitar from me, shhhh!)
    It's the insurance that's more expensive than the car, although there is a massively reduced insurance scheme, if the car is not used after 9pm.
    I'm going along with TSB's prediction ;-)

  5. Right just for the public record - so you can all come back here and say "I told you so" at some point... I'M NOT BUYING HER A CAR!!!

  6. ah I remember those salad days when I thought £5 was grossly expensive for a driving lesson!

  7. That sounds fantastic! I took Small Sprog karting for the first time on his birthday - he loved it too.

    Difficult on the car thing. I have this image of giving Tall Girl my old car and getting a nice shiny one for myself (in my dreams) when she's 17 but I think she'll want the new one!

    Good luck on the Mini front!

  8. what a GREAT gift! being a good driver is a life-skill that will serve her well - and apparently bring great joy! i'm thinking of attending one of the BMW driving schools here in the US... Vroooom!