Gig Review - Hobo Jones and the Junkyard Dogs and Friends

We went to see Hobo Jones and the Junkyard Dogs at the Brook Theater in Chatham last night.  Who?  Yes I know hardly an international top drawer act but a fun night out.  Main reason we went was that Rosie Eade was on the support bill and you may remember me waxiing lyrically about her after seeing her at the Rochester Sweeps Festival.

First act was Kirsty Macleod from Detling near Maidstone being given an opportunity to shine.  She was very good, strong confident vocals with a nice lilt to them.

Next up was Rosie who was highly impressive again.  I like her voice a lot, great power in it not just in terms of physical singing power but also in terms of the emotion she conjures.  Rosie's set ranges from traditional folk through her own material and some unexpected covers but last night was a concentration on her own stuff.  She also is able to conjure a number of different tones from her nylon strung six string.  At one point almost punky thrashing was the order of the day.  I bought her CD from her at the end so will review that too when I get a chance.

How can you describe Hobo Jones and the Junkyard Dogs?  A folk/punk/skiffle band is about the best I can some up with.  They extoll the value of skiffle to British musical heritage which cannot be denied but is often overlooked with the blues inspired 60s being where many stop researching but go back only a few years and you'll find many legends of the 60s picked up guitars etc. when Lonnie Donegan was putting on the style.  Reminded me so much of my band who loved Lonnie and I heard much of his stuff when I were but a young nipper in the 60s.  There was much comedy and madness as well but underpinned by some tight musicianship.  If you fancy a laugh, singalong and general good night out I would totally recommend them to you.


  1. folk/punk/skiffle? off to play on youtube to see what comes up -- sounds fascinating!

  2. Trust me live they are very good - loads of stand up humour as well. If you are ever in the UK look up if they are playing near you :-)

  3. Hi!

    Miser Bill here. Thank you for the very kind review. We never quite know how we're gonna go down in a folk club. We're not too traditional you know?

    Hope you enjoy Rosie's CD. It's brilliant!


    1. Thank you Miser Bill for dropping by - frankly I'm not much of a folk club attender to be honest we were from the noisy table at the very back :-)

      Rosie's CD is flipping marvellous - a CD review is over due but will appear here soon


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