Wednesday, 27 June 2012

If you can't be...

... with the one you love, love the one you're with.

eh?  Okay following on from yesterdays outpouring of self-pity and looking at the comments (thanks everyone) and Mrs F saying repeated yesterday evening - "You'll never be happy in any job!" I've had the great Stephen Stills song in my head all morning.   Basically along with the old Abraham Lincoln quote “Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be."  (Adopted by AA on the Just For Today card).  The point being that I need to be (more) in love with my current situation given ideally I'd like to be noodling on a guitar all day, but let us face facts that won't be my bills.   So that is the new mission - change me to be more accepting etc.  You know just trying to smile a bit more is a start I think.   I'll be back here no doubt to let you know how it is but that is the new mission - essentially break the cycle in the last posts diagram at the point where I realise how good things actually are I need to not go back into the negative cycle through the daily churn again but acknowledge the daily churn is part of life and be accepting of it with a happy mood.

Side bar - about the song.

I quickly did a check about the song as I wasn't sure whether it was Stephen  Stills solo or with his pals.  The original single release was solo with Crosby and Nash on backing vocals, although there is a live version on a Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young live album.   But this quick checking led to couple of other things... one according to wiki the line that started all this was a favourite saying of legendary keyboard player Billy Preston, I never knew that.  Secondly the original single only got to 14 on the USA Billboard Chart - what other 13 songs were better than this classic that week?   Remember Vienna by Ultravox (who've just released their first album in 27 years btw)?  You do... never got to number one pipped by - Shutupayourface but Joe Dolce or some such. Travesty!  

Finally again from the great source that is wiki - I found that Tight Fit released a version of this song - remember them?  Remake of The Lion Sleeps Tonight was their big hit in the mid 80s...  small world, Steve Grant, him of the tall good looks, went to my school, I was probably in the "band" on a couple of productions where he leaped about the stage.  Btw their version of said classic single that started this odd train of thought never charted and that was it for Steve and Tight Fit, c'est la vie.


  1. My "Believing in Myself" book quote last night was: "It is often possible to get greater enjoyment from what we are already doing, rather than try to find something else." Guess that contradicts what I said yesterday huh? It went on to say that sometimes it's just out attitude that needs changing. Guess you got that part figured out already - just thought it was neat that my self esteem book talked about it last night. Take care.

  2. Speaking as a music teacher and performing musician, I do enjoy what I do. However, I'd say any job can become a daily churn - even a dream job!

    I get to make my living out of music, determine my own hours for the week and timetable my own work, and do a portion of my work from home (and for some of it I'm my own boss). And it's still a "daily churn". If it wasn't I wouldn't be working hard enough to keep it going.

    I think overwork can leave one feeling sad - and wondering why one feels that way. I think feelings popping up like that can simply be a symptom of stress. I think -and hope- I try to recognise it as such, just a red light on the dashboard of life, and back off and pace myself a bit.

  3. I love that song . . . And I love that thing Elsie just quoted.
    AlSO, agreeing with Kirsten on previous post, compared to the enjoyment and satisfaction you get from playing/recording music, I suppose the day job must seem "lacking" in some way.
    I tried smiling a bit more today and I feel better for it.
    I hope you've started on your new mission.
    Take care x

  4. i love stephen stills, also crosby stills and nash and young et al
    i have often made decisions that were influenced by music, not that I am recommending that as a decision making tool!
    elsie is v wise... there is a quote that says something about happiness being enjoying what you are doing rather than looking for something to enjoy doing.. as far as employment goes I have little choice so i try to enjoy every day with my work colleagues and on the whole I do!
    i left my workplace today to a round of applause , songs and cheers because on wednesdays I work with eccentric Construction and Motor vehicle tutors. but I am very aware that that is not real life
    my darling only son is an actor and musician, will he ever make a living at it ? i dunno! but for now he has to pursue it . If he ever decides that he needs to earn money some other way he will need to reconcile his dreams with reality... as we all do.

  5. this is my number one favorite song to play when i happen to be gigging in a hotel bar... and it's always "Dedicated to all of you 'out-of-towners'"...

    onward, sir!

  6. The Lion Sleeps Tonight--damn you Mr F, I'd forgotten that song for several decades :)

  7. Hey, Furtheron. Its Kristin, from Jilli Java. I've moved blogs. Come say hello at the new one.