Thursday, 15 December 2011

A little spruce up

You may not have noticed but I've spruced the blog up a little... well on the right hand side where all the boxes and stuff is...

Firstly given it is pretty much the anniversary of my winning the Rock-Til-You-Drop 2010 Outstanding Achievement award I thought I ought to take that off the site.  Also I'm liking SoundCloud a lot so have replaced the Reverbnation player box with a couple of SoundCloud - I might think about actually paying for the premium service as I can then have a larger amount of "sets" to put works in which might make sense to then do and vary from time to time what is on here. 

Finally I've added a Facebook button to my Facebook music page if you like my music and are on Facebook please click that and then "like" me as a few followers of this blog already have.  I only use that page to put up music related stuff so you'll not get all the family drivel about how my daughter hates my leather jacket etc.

That is about it for this week really busy at work catching up before we all go on holidays.  I'm off to Wales to fetch Son-of-Furtheron back for Christmas first thing Saturday morning.

Oh yes I went to a Songwriter's Night in Rochester last night and saw a brilliant young singer/songwriter.  I've got his card somewhere - once I check out his internet presence I may well come back here and urge you to go listen to him - he was brilliant.  The guy who runs the night at one point said the rest of us might was well just sit back and let him play all night!


  1. And a fine spruce up it is Graham, not all full of glitz and useless info like mine, LOL. "Strangers In The Night" - The absolute best live hard rock album ever. OK, just a bit ahead of "Made In Japan" for me hut still the best.

  2. Nothing like a bit of early spring cleaning!!

  3. Like the changes...just went on and 'liked' your FB page too.

  4. Nice! We can be Facebook friends. :)

  5. @Wil - the best live album of any genre!