Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Interesting cheap guitars, TC wizardry, Rice Guitar pickup giveaway

So in keeping with the title of this blog something about guitars for a change... actually 3 things.

Firstly - CH Guitars have some different from the run of the mill guitars for sale via eBay at the moment.  These include this take on the Fender Broadcaster (to be renamed Telecaster) prototype that Leo first made.  Given only one pickup it is more an Esquire-a-like I suppose.

Secondly - how about this.  A 12 string Les Paul - ooohhh!  Seriously I'm mostly putting this up here in the hope one of you will buy this and stop my head going "buy it... buy it"...

The good news is the prices - £249 for the Tele and £349 for the Les Paul!! Go check out there is also a nice looking sunburst Fender Tele Deluxe copy for only £299 as well.

Now here is the coolest thing I've seen in technology in ages.  TC Electronic have a long established reputation for quality kit.  They have introduced a new range of compact effects pedals with the "Toneprint" feature.  This is in itself already neat - the pedal has a small usb connector on it, you plug that into your computer, go to their website, find a "Toneprint" (i.e. patch) you want from some famous muso and down load it into your pedal.  How neat - esp useful I'd have thought for session or covers band players but then... hang on you go to the studio guitar, lead, pedal(s) - you aren't going to hump the laptop are you.  So now you don't need to if you own an iPhone.

You download their app for the phone (free) - on the phone you navigate to the TC site find the Toneprint you want and then you beam it to your pedal by holding the phone over an active pickup on your guitar - it goes through the pickup down the cable and viola the pedal is reprogrammed.  At first I a) thought this was a gag - check not 1st April b) thought it so Star Trek ... but it does work.  Holy Moly!

Finally there is a pickup give away going on over at Rice Guitars - if you go to their Facebook page and click on the link etc. you can win yourself a $250 set of handwired Strat replacement pickups.   Got to be worth a go.


  1. Ooooh - as a girl who knows a ton of guitarists, I'll have to tell them about the giveaway! The TonePrint app - that is crazy!!
    Also, I read you're into David Gray - nice! I love him!

  2. Hello
    Just found you via Practical Parsimony. I'm not a musician but my son is and I will pass your blog along to him. He'd love this post!

  3. They have an ap that also helps you to warm up you vocals and a pich pipe to get the right notes.

    Frick has them on her phone. Technology is amazing

  4. Is this a Christmas prezzie hint to the wifey or what?..;-)

  5. @Dinners - LOL no it isn't actually