Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Book Review - King's Man - Angus Donald

We continue with the latest enstallment in Mr Donald's retelling of the Robin Hood saga... through the eyes of Alan o'Dale or Alan of Westbury as he is known in this fictional setting.

The book is written as a memoire of Alan's written in his old age, this is like the others in the series, so the one thing you know whatever scrape Alan may be in he has to survive it or there is a major continuity blunder in store ;-)

Anyway these are good rattling, knightly rampaging romps.  Robin and Alan are now back in England following their travels on the crusade with Richard the Lionheart of the previous book.  However Prince John covetously is eyeing the throne of England and Richard is captured by some enemies he made on the crusade on his way back to good old Blighty.  This is all historic fact but within the factual parts Angus weaves in the acts of Robin Odo, Lord of Locksley, the Robin Hood of the legends to come.  He turns Alan into Blondel who is a legendary troubadour who allegedly did go to Germany to try and seek King Richard out whilst the King was  being held for ransom.  So a mix of historical fact and legend weaved in.  It works well and is an easy read without being as totally absorbing as some are.   I definitely enjoyed it enough to purchase the next instalment once released.


  1. I keep trying to force myself to read more, why can't I?

  2. Romps are never better than when they're rampaging.

    ...or so I'm told..;-)

  3. Thanks for the review, mate. And well done for being sober. Best wishes and Happy Christmas, Angus

  4. Flipping heck!! See that the author read the review - blimey I'll have to think more carefully what I say n future .... plus with my usual rubbish spelling and grammar he probably thought "What gives this moron the right to comment on my carefully crafted prose?"

    Anyway - Angus, many thanks for dropping by... p.s. I think you live just down the road from me!