Saturday, 10 December 2011

Golden Moment - Graham Hunt cover

I'm very humbled as Nic Evennett has listened to some of my stuff up on Soundcloud and decided to do a "cover" of Golden Moment... well frankly her cover is way better than my original!  Click on the linky to listen

Golden Moment - Graham Hunt cover

Here is my original for comparison - I think you'll agree Nic's piano and much better vocal and lowering the tempo to a beat I'd never be able to sustain (I'd speed up I know I would) really captures the original essence of the underlying meaning of the lyrics, a moment of total peace, calm and serenity.

Thank you so much Nic I am very humbled.

Golden Moment by Graham Hunt - Medway

This shows just one annoying thing I've just discovered with Soundcloud - I thought I was being a numpty but the embedded thing I figured out the other day appears to only be available for your tracks when you click on the Share button in SoundClous.  I suppose I can see the reasoning, anyone could embed the player thing without you knowing... but given you've put it up on SoundCloud would you worry?   Anyway please go click on the link above and give Nic's version a listen.


  1. You've arrived! I think leaving a few songs behind when you go is such a fantastic legacy; if you want to cover one of mine btw, feel free!

  2. She did a beautiful job! (yours is good too so, shaddup.)... Congratulations! How flattering eh?


  3. Actually, I prefer your version, but I love guitar. Well, I love piano, too, but guitar ... well, I prefer it. Haha
    Sorry I'm not making much sense!
    Anyway, they're both lovely versions!