Thursday, 22 December 2011

Insincerity becomes you...

I got an lovely email from some lady called Liz who works for some website somewhere... apparantly they have a fantastic new product, I wouldn't know it is something that has absolutely no interest for me and not an area I can recall ever having blogged about at all on here.  Anyway she "ran into my blog" (sic) ran? into it... what it was on the screen and you headbutted your laptop from a 10 yard run up?  She says she "absolultely love(s) it"... really?   So given your product has nothing to do with guitars, sobriety, recovery, or pretty much any other subject ever referred to on here I get the feeling that isn't quiet the truth... 

Now for anyone else - here is something I've stated on here before - or on the blog that went before this that I stupidly deleted once in a fit of some weirdness - I don't do endorsements, not for money or anything.  I don't review stuff sent to me, my reviews are of stuff that I've actually bought myself.  I have turned down free offers/trials of stuff that is guitar related that I get because this blog is not about that, it is about me and my life it is not about making money or getting a free offer of something.

Another valuable lesson on life's little highway for me (to be honest I don't think Liz will be stopping by the blog again despite her protestations of affection for it so she'll sadly lose out on this little insight) - if you are going to do something, do it well, be truthful and honest with yourself and with those you are engaging with.   If I ever did blanket email people with a view to them reviewing and promoting my music for example I'd probably target blogs and sites that actually regularly have that stuff on them!


  1. Hmm. I remember getting one about tea once. It said, "Hello, I hope you are doing well. I can see from your interests that you like tea..." I wrote back and said that if she was actually reading the thing then she would see that no, I wasn't doing well and tea was my last concern.

    They find you, don't they? Bless their cottons...

    Furtheron, I meant to say, I can see you like music... I make boot slippers with pom-poms and I thought you may be interested...



  2. @Pixie - you have no idea how close that is to reality!

    @JM - thanks I think that might have to go on the Kindle

  3. I've gotten a few of those too. It's funny. I do have a small google ad on my blog, just because I was curious about it. I've had something like 100,000 page views in a couple of years, which isn't that many, but isn't nothing either. I think my ad has earned me almost $2 (about a guinea).

  4. I'd like to think I wouldn't whore myself out to review things, but I don't get much of that kind of spam anyway. Take that as a sign that your blog is getting a respectable amount of traffic!

  5. I get the odd message from "Svetlana" and "Olga" from Latvia, offering services of a different sort!

  6. I've noticed that I have the strangest people following me on Twitter - with the request to please follow back (or whatever the correct terminology is).

    Hmm, maybe not.