Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Sweet 16

Well maybe not so much of the sweet?  No, no I jest honestly.

Somehow my darling daughter is 16.  16!!! Where the hell have the days, months, years gone.  Her due date was 21st of Nov.  At about 3am that morning Mrs F woke me up and said "My waters have gone"...  So into action, called the midwife, called the in-laws, made sure all the bag etc. was ready.   Midwife turns up and says "Given your waters have gone I'm calling an ambulance" - I remember Mrs F strapped to a wheel chair thing being carried down our stairs by two burly ambulance guys with her in one of her uncontrollable gigging fits.

Anyway - as with our son guess what... nothing.  All day... nothing, I thought "This'll be like last time and she'll have to be induced etc.".   Anyway with my son packed off to stay with the inlaws I left her on the ward in the late evening, and went home.  To bed - be fair I was knackered having been up half the previous night ;-) (expect plenty of comments from female readers after that one ;-))

Just got into that deep sleep at about 11:30 and the bloody phone rings.  "You better come in her contractions are starting".  So in I go...   about 3am our daughter appeared with a mop of spiky jet black hair... which is odd as that soon fell out and she has been blond (in more senses than one) ever since.  I phoned my Mum as soon as I could - about 3:30 - well she had said to call her once the baby arrived :-)

But now she is turning into quiet some young lady.  I'm awfully proud of her you know.

Tonight her birthday treat is to see Example (look him up :-)) with her lifetime best buddy in ... Southend!  Yes Mrs F and I have to amuse ourselves in Southend whilst the gig is in progress ... Southend, Tuesday night, in November... living the dream or what!


  1. Happy birthday to Not-so-little-Furtheron! Have a lovely evening. P

  2. That is a great post about her Birthday!! Happy Birthday to her... Daughter of Furtheron, I wish you every blessing!

    Aunt Jackie

  3. Happy birthday for yesterday to daughter-of-Furtheron.

    Hope you all enjoyed the trip to Southend.

    You're right to expect comments. As I've said before you and Husband would get along. He still moans about having to sit up all night while I 'was lying in a nice comfy bed'. The fact that I was in pain is glossed over!

  4. Ah. A proud Dad and a lucky daughter. Lovely.