Wednesday, 2 November 2011

St Paul's

So what is going on at St Paul's then?

The protest is as ever the loose coalition of folks who are against the excesses of capitalism - some no doubt more than others in the mix.  Some probably just want a "fairer" system, would like to see that the world economy was not put into recession by the actions of relatively few.

It would have all been a bit of a side show with probably little coverage in the media after the initial glare of publicity.  However now various members of the clergy are falling like nine pins over the whole thing.  Bizarre!  I'm still not sure why they have resigned.  First to go was Cannon Giles Fraser - who appeared to have been instrumental in the siting of the camp around the cathedral in the first place when the protestors first turned up and were looking for somewhere near the London Stock Exchange.  He seems to have resigned as he felt decisions being taken inside the cathedral were ones he could not agree with.  The subsequent initiation of legal proceedings to clear the protestors bear that out.

Then the Dean Graeme Knowles resigned as well.  Although for me it is difficult to fully grasp why he went - it seems he has fallen on his sword as the criticism of the cathedral has risen in the press, in particular the lack of a coherent strategy for dealing with the camp.

What a shame really - whilst this continues to give the protestors much more publicity than they probably ever expected it hasn't shone a good light on the cathedral.  They have now suspended the legal proceedings as well.  Confusion reigns one feels.

It makes one wonder exactly as one of the home made banners displayed at the site says "What would Jesus do?"   Should the cathedral be seen to try to restrict the right of the protesters to peacefully protest?  There is a perception that this about fairness within society to try to stem the continue inequity between the rich and the poor - not helped by recent statistics showing that executive pay in FTSE100 companies has risen nearly 50% in the last year.   I think we either except the Orwellian construct that some are more equal than others or we do try to do something to stop this.   Whatever caused the current recession, be it over zealous bankers looking for profit from unsustainable risk, poor legislation by government on the financial markets or the actual policing of the financial markets by the relevant authorities,  the bottom line answer is that pretty much everyone is now feeling the pinch somewhere...   well not with a 50% payrise you probably won't.    That has to be the point of the conversation somewhere here doesn't it?

As a side show Louise Mensch on Have I Got News for You was very funny about the whole situation....

She's a politician... yes an MP... people have voted for her to represent them in deciding the current and future policy of the country... Lord help us!

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