Sunday, 6 November 2011


Increasingly I've been finding more and more people are out there on SoundCloud.  So I've joined them, clearly MySpace seems pretty much long dead and Reverbnation whilst good is looking a little old and haggard in the fast paced changing world of music dissemination.

Anyways  I've a profile and a bunch of tracks up at please pop over and say hello.

One thing with Soundcloud is that it very much is a mix of producers and consumers - there are a huge number of people on there simply using it as an on-line music juke box - which has been a restriction with Reverbnation for me the only people who join up are normally other musicians, Soundcloud looks a more direct to consumer method.

Having said all of that of course - if I ever get to 100 plays I'll be happy! :-)


  1. Followed link, listened, enjoyed, followed!

    Good, SoundCloud, isn't it? It's easy to embed in a blog, too, and looks good.

  2. Awesome! Had a listen, you are talented indeed my friend. Bookmarked. Cheers :)

  3. Soundcloud? I'll have to check it out. Re: your question...I played in a rock band in college. Then got a job, got married, had kids, got divorced. Life kind of took over and my guitars sat untouched for over 15 years, gathering dust in the closet. I only recently rediscovered them and the joys of home recording. Dunno if I'm ready for the stage yet! Plus my town doesn't have a terribly vibrant live music scene...

  4. Gonna try it. I hope I do not have to sign in and join?

  5. I STILL want to take up guitar.