Thursday, 24 November 2011

The A13 blues

Didn't Billy Brag do a Route66 rip off way back about the A13?

Well it was hardly the road of dreams on Tuesday night!  We did manage to get to the gig all on time, but the air was blue in the Furtheronmobile at one point.  There is a bunch of roundabouts all together all with a gazillion cones around them and seemingly not one iota of a sign that might actually tell you what chuffing exit to take! 

Whatever - we got there as I say in time and Daughter-of-Futheron had a great time.  Mrs F and I retreated up the road to a little Italian restaurant with a good set menu and had a lovely meal - despite Mrs F's coffee cup falling to bits as she lifted up and coffee all over the place.  Anyway on the way back I checked the map - probably should have done more of that on the way up there and we got back a lot quicker than it took us getting there! 

I did also have a terrible nights sleep that night - been a long time since I've had a bad dose of insomnia but I really had a rubbish night being fully awake for ages between about 2 and 4 and only sort of dozing through the rest.  All normal service was resumed last night I'm pleased to say so it was purely a one off.

Off to see Gordon Giltrap in concert in Chatham tonight... living the dream or what - Southend Tuesday, Chatham Thursday when will my rollercoaster millionaire lifestyle come to an end?

Oh there was some show on the TV last night... looked like some rubbish magazine programme a bit like That's Life with Nick Knowles hosting.  Anyway somewhere along the line one of the presenters made some quote about students getting free bus passes... oh dear, Mrs F is a little touchy about bus related stuff following the great bus ticket scandal - so they got a berating email from her I think indicating they should check their facts before shooting their mouths off.


  1. I feel a composition coming on... P

  2. I know that drive from Kent to sympathies.