Wednesday, 30 November 2011


In a momentary lapse of reason I clicked on "add to basket" for the Michael Bublé Christmas CD when on Amazon the other week.  My wife and daughter both wanted it for the lead up to the festivities of Christmas.  Oh Lord forgive me - I must make amends!

It arrived yesterday and on the journey home I walked from the station to my mother-in-laws where Mrs F and Daughter-of-Furtheron were having dinner.  We got into Mrs F's car to drive home and they had said CD in the player and preceeded to torture me with it.  The drive home is less than 10 mins - I can walk it in 20 and wished I had.  Finally I had to crack wound down the window and screamed out "Help! Get me out of here they are playing Bublé".  The woman walking her dog seemed a little surprised.

Now Mr Bublé is very popular but every time I hear him I just don't get it at all, it is cheesy, sickly, dummed down crooning, and he is devoid of any emotion in any delivery of any song I've heard, I just see him swaying on stage winking at the prettiest middle aged MILF that catches his eye in the first 5 rows, honestly I really wonder if he started the whole thing as a parody and no-one but me gets it?

To restore my sanity this morning I had John Martyn on the MP3 player on the train and was moved close to tears more than once.   There is a man who could, write, sing, play and just pour emotion into his fingers and throat...  Mr Bublé take note, music is about emotion not simply play/singing all the right notes in all the right order.

I just found this fantastic version of I Don't Want To Know on Youtube from the great BBC Transatlantic Sessions series... love it!

Now see that's better isn't it... RIP dear Johnny - forever in my heart and soul.


  1. {joke'n -lee} I'm mailing over a bottle of Buble' 2 U-honestly...he made a deal with a liquor co. n' saw a display @ a local supermarket recently...?...!-


  2. You are a great husband and father! Love this track, and yeah, for what it's worth, I've never got this Buble thing either..!

  3. LMAO !!! That's the problem with having an Amazon account - IT'S TOO EASY TO PULL THE TRIGGER, LOL !

  4. 10-4 on the damn Amazon account, I think I've flirted with my limit ever since I got mine.